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Testimonial: Finding a New Church Home

After 40+ years at my former church in Santa Clarita, I finally had to part ways because of their drift from being a Bible believing church.

I was looking for a fundamental Bible church in Santa Clarita which was family integrated as well. I had visited three different churches, but none satisfied my longing for fundamental Christian teachings with frequent references and readings from the Bible.

By a stroke of luck, I had signed up for a six-week Biblical Citizenship – US Constitution course at Freedom’s Way Baptist Church in Santa Clarita. I met Pastor Jerry Cook at the training. After the meeting, I spoke with Pastor Cook and he said Freedom’s Way Baptist Church was a King James, Bible believing church that closely follows the scriptures from the Bible. He invited me to the church service for the next Sunday and I happily obliged.

The worship service at Freedom’s Way Baptist Church was exhilarating. I could sense my belonging with a refreshing return to the fundamental cores of Christian truths. Pastor Cook presented the message with a passion and fervor that I hadn’t seen in years. With numerous references to the King James Bible and scripture readings, I knew I had found the Bible believing church I was searching for.

In a matter of weeks, I met many Christians at Freedom’s Way Baptist Church and learned of the Sunday night and Wednesday night services, Sunday morning Bible study, and both men’s and women’s monthly get-togethers. I quickly scheduled many of these programs into my calendar and purchased my own King James Bible. I’m energized to learn the Bible and renew my dedication to follow the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Cook preaches with knowledge and humor and guides me through the Bible. He presents me with challenges in my life journey.

I encourage everyone in search of a fundamental Bible believing church to give Freedom’s Way Baptist Church in Santa Clarita a chance to brighten their lives and enhance their understanding of the Bible.

Perhaps it was not a stroke of luck that guided me to finding Freedom’s Way Baptist Church.