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Being Countercultural and Free Thinking

On Politics & the Pulpit, I discuss what it means to be countercultural and why we should exercise free thought.

Counterculture means that somebody wants to do everything opposite and different from a society they know.

For example, you may have wanted to do things completely opposite from the way your parents have done things when they were your age.

The last couple of years, you have seen a Christian community just comply willfully without questioning authority or even questioning generally all of the lockdowns and the silliness that has come through both state, local, and federal government. Some of the strange mandates have come down through all three of those branches. We have pastors that have just willfully complied and closed down their services for months and months.

During the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, many churches were forced to shut down and end their services.

The ones who actually did stop their services lost a lot of their community when they re-opened.

Most churches have suffered maybe a third of their communities not coming back because those individuals who left were not countercultural. They were compliant to the culture.

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I would like for us to embrace the truth that we are Christian counterculture. As genuine believers, we go against the grain and the direction of the culture. We should not embrace the culture, we should not succumb to the culture, and we should not ever use the rudiments of the culture to our advantage. The culture is against believers, and we as believers should be against the culture. This is a part of Christian living and biblical truth that many of us have no need for a few years ago. And what the last year and a half has demonstrated is that many Christians were simply unprepared to deal with what the enemy was throwing at them.

Pastor Jerry Cook