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Politics & The Pulpit – Congressman and Election News

If you want to listen to a show that covers today’s politics and what is happening in our country, Politics & The Pulpit is here!

Every Wednesday at 2pm PDT, come join us as Pastor Jerry Cook dives into the happenings around town and the country and shares his thoughts and scriptures with listeners.

This week, we cover a new meaning of what society deems tolerant, and we speak to our Congressman Mike Garcia about the upcoming election and what he is up to.

Our Pastor, Jerry Cook dives into what tolerance means, whether it’s tolerate behavior, views, or opinions.

We can agree to disagree, but this new wave of tolerance states the opposite? A new definition of tolerance believes that we must all sing to the same tune, without disagreeing.

Pastor Cook doesn’t see this as possible with everyone growing up from different backgrounds.

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At the end of the day, we can disagree but fight for everyone’s right to believe what they want.

Our last segment we spoke to Congressman Mike Garcia.

Mike is running for California’s 27th congressional district at the national level this November. We briefly caught up with him as he is very busy preparing for his election run.

Garcia states how the Republican party needs to start communicating more effectively to encourage more voters to vote Republican in the election. He is running against Christy Smith, who is the Democratic candidate. Pastor Jerry Cook of Freedom’s Way Baptist Church is with us every Wednesday on 98.1 FM and AM 1220 at KHTS radio on all things politics, religion, and more.