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Politics & The Pulpit – Critical Race Theory Part 2 – July 22, 2022

“Politics & The Pulpit”, Pastor Jerry Cook tackles critical race theory and its potential to lead to Marxism.

In his latest show, Pastor Jerry Cook, host of KHTS’ “Politics & The Pulpit” discussed critical race theory and his opinion that it will negatively impact the United States and lead to Marxist and Communist policies in the country.

Referencing previous Civil Rights leaders including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, Cooks believes the current “woke” movement of critical race theory is not aimed at being “color blind” but rather  demonizing non-minority white people.

“Critical race theory is an academic movement of civil rights activists whose root is founded in Marxism and is loosely unified by two common themes,” Cook said. “The first is that white supremacy is the foundation of power through the law, and the second common theme is that law must be changed to accommodate racial variances.”

Cook later discussed Marxism and communism and failed attempts throughout countries in Europe to adopt those policies. Cook discusses how “the left” repackages and rebrands Marxism and critical race theory to sell in today’s society.

“Marxism, when accepted, always leads to communism,” Cook said. “There isn’t a nation that has adopted Marxism, where it has ever thrived as an economic theory. Marxism is anti-God, anti-bible, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and above all, it is anti-individual.”

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Cook elaborates on critical race theory and its advocates, criticizing it for not being merit-based and the harm that its teachings will have on schools, churches, and children.

“If history shows us that Marxist and Communist countries are absolute failures, why would anyone want to impose that on a free country, namely the United States of America,” Cook poses.

To listen to the full show, visit the KHTS website or YouTube channel.