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Politics & The Pulpit – Dr. Bill Grady

Pastor Jerry Cook hosts Politics and the Pulpit with special guest Dr. Bill Grady to talk about his life and books.

Pastor Cook takes some time in the beginning of the show to promote his church, Freedom Way Baptist Church, which is full of activities for the next couple weeks.

Pastor Cook talks about his website for his church which also has a school program, Lighthouse Christian Academy. He says this school is perfect for people looking to enroll their kid in a school system that is separated from the state where they learn biblical values.

Pastor Cook says his church is hosting a “meet the candidate” program where they are trying to get candidate Brian Dolly in who is running against current California governor Gavin Newsom.

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Cook encourages everybody to join his church’s annual “preachers fellowship” program where they talk about preaching in California.

Cook likes the preachers who decided to stay in California.

Cook decides to introduce his guest, a published author and preacher who Cook says he looks up to. Grady has been preaching for many years and has several books about biblical conspiracies.

Grady, like Cook, likes to mix political issues with biblical ideas.

Grady studied in a very strict all boys catholic school in the 70s. Grady then went to a University in Delaware.

Grady states he was selling cash registers to bars and then worked in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, he was drawn to the Baptist church from a radio channel he was listening to. Leaving a significant impression on him, Grady accepted the Cristian faith and left behind his Catholic faith.

Grady attended bible college in the1976 in the mid-west. He also started a family.

He then went to Idaho to build churches. Afterwards, he went back to school where he closely trained 200 preacher boys for 10 years.

Grady has been on the road since 2016. He likes meeting preachers on the road and writing his books.

Pastor Cook and Bill Grady have a very nice talk about Grady’s life adventures and his books that he writes while he is on the road and networking with pastors all over the country.