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Politics & The Pulpit – Pro Life & Pro Death Penalty? – July 29, 2022

Pastor Jerry Cook discusses how we can be both pro-life and pro-death penalty on Politics and the Pulpit.

“When it comes to this question if ‘Can a believer be both pro-life and pro-death penalty?’ we need to take much of the emotion out and we need to somehow look at this from a very logical and biblical perspective” – Pastor Jerry Cook

There are three biblical arguments for the death penalty. One of them is where God is speaking to Noah after the flood.

God is basically saying if you shed man’s blood by that man, shall his blood be shed. In other words, your life will be taken if you take a life.

Pastor Jerry Cook says God does not just tell us the death penalty is not necessary, but then he tells us the way it is instituted and promulgated is through civil magistrates.

Pastor Jerry Cook says the death penalty honors God’s word, is a deterrent to crime and it cleanses the land of those we would consider undesirable.

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“I want to talk about this amazing fact that should be revisited in our country today. The death penalty is a deterrent to crime. Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for a murderer to be convicted? Do you wonder why it takes so long for these crimes to finally get taken care of? Sometimes it can take as little as months, sometimes it takes years. Because of a sentence against an evil work not being executed speedily, people get more and more buoyant and more and more brave and start to be more brazen” – Pastor Jerry Cook

If you lived in a civil society where people’s crimes were dealt with speedily, promptly and done so in a civil way, Pastor Jerry Cook would suggest that crime of every fashion would start to go down.

People do not want the repercussions for their crime, so it is better to not commit the crime at all. We are in a time today where no one really cares about that kind of stuff.

“I believe if the death penalty were instated in a very meaningful way, we would see a huge deterrent in crime” – Pastor Jerry Cook

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