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Politics & The Pulpit: Shifting Demographics & Monkeypox

Pastor Jerry Cook is a preacher at Freedom Way Baptist Church in Santa Clarita. Every Wednesday, he hosts his show, Politics and the Pulpit where he mixes politics and religion as one.

Pastor Cook starts the show talking about his church. The church hosts a lot of activities during the week.

On Sunday’s they have an event where they bring on candidates from the Republican party to the church to meet them.

Pastor Cook’s church, Freedom’s Way Baptist Church in Santa Clarita has a school as well, combining the Bible and school for children.

Pastor Cook says he looks forward to having candidates from the state elections on the show as well as people who oppose his ideas.

Pastor Cook kicks off the show talking about how he disagrees with the fact that Monkeypox is a problem.

Pastor Cook admits he has done little to no research on the virus and skimmed two articles to find out more.

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However, he says from what he found, monkeypox shouldn’t be considered a problem because he says it only affects the homosexual community.

Pastor Cook scorns anyone who believes monkeypox should be a problem, quoting an article saying the disease should be laughed off.

Pastor Cook believes progressive churches are not worthy of preaching, and he believes the pastors preaching in progressive churches in Santa Clarita are “hirelings” which can be considered a derogatory term to some people.

Pastor Cook says he doesn’t trust dictionaries and wikipedia when it comes to definitions of some words. He says the government and people change these definitions too often for him to believe anything.

Pastor Cook brought Republican candidate Mark Moiser on the show who is running for senate to represent California.

Moiser is an attorney from California who worked on cases during COVID fighting for beaches and churches to stay open. Moiser says he believes in constitutional rights.

Moiser likes taking pictures of California. He says he likes the combination of nature elements in California.

Pastor Jerry Cook preaches at Freedom’s Way Baptist Church in Santa Clarita. He also hosts Politics and the Pulpit every Wednesday.