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The Unity Project: Working Together to Put a Stop to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Children

CEO of The Unity Project, Laura Sextro, is bringing various grassroot groups together to help fight for medical freedom. Sextro says that these groups are more effective if they all speak under one unified group rather than at different times.

Says Sextro: “We are a big advocate for medical freedom. So whatever you believe is the right choice for you and in particular for your children.”

The Unity Project is backed by experts in healthcare and science, business leaders, grassroots groups and concerned citizens. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty is one of the doctors who backs The Unity Project. Dr. Kheriaty says children and adults do not have enough information to make an informed decision on the vaccine for their children, let alone themselves.

Says Kheriaty: “Not because they necessarily have something wrong with them cognitively or intellectually but because they are not necessarily given accurate information about the real risks and benefits of COVID.”

The Unity Project website has ten California bills regarding vaccination mandates being voted on in the next two weeks. They provide resources and information so you can be informed on the bills and find groups that are against it.

You can also sign up to volunteer for certain groups, donate time or money and attend upcoming events held by The Unity Project.

For more information about The Unity Project, visit them online.

Now is the time, we need all hands-on deck! It’s scary how many people in this state are unaware of these universally dangerous bills set to be voted on in the next two weeks. The Unity Project has developed a grassroots canvassing campaign to education fellow Californians on the consequences these bills will have on everyone living, working or learning in this state.

The Unity Project